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​​Elderberry and Sugar Combat Viral Infections

Remember those remedies from the old days? At the first sign of a cold or flu, some grandmothers gave out sweetened elderberry syrup. According to recent research at Yale University, that elderberry syrup remedy may be even more potent than we knew. Should we eat when we have an infection? Published …

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Elderberry featured on healthgreatness.com : Natural Immune Booster

Carl Thompson | HealthGreatness For those suffering from diseases such as cancer, life-saving treatments sometimes come with their own risks and side effects. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can weaken the immune system as they fight to win the body back, making it harder for the patient to combat bacterial and viral …


Anti-Influenza Virus Effects of Elderberry Juice and Its Fractions

By: Emiko Kinoshita, Kyoko Hayashi, Hiroshi Katayama, Toshimitsu Hayashi, Akio Obata ABSTRACT. Elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) has traditionally been used for treating influenza and colds. We evaluated the antiviral effect of concentrated juice of elderberry (CJ-E) on the human influenza A virus (IFV). CJ-E had a relatively strong effect on …