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New study: Eating foods rich in antioxidants corresponds to a reduced risk of diabetes type 2

Evidence from recent studies suggests that oxidative stress may play a role in the development of type 2 diabetes as well as cardiovascular disease. Oxidative stress is caused by the production of free oxygen radicals in the body, which cause damage to cell structures. Though the body has endogenous antioxidants …


Enhancing athletic performance with Haschberg black elderberry polyphenols

4X3_HYDRA4G0_Ver2_11Sept2017 The optimal formula for a healthy sports nutrition product is a widely debated topic among researchers. Ideally, a good sports product should have the following characteristics: Contain natural, active compounds as opposed to synthetic Offer a competitive advantage and Have no side effects This sounds easy enough. But surprisingly, …

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Leading health and performance innovators include Haschberg black elderberry in their sports nutrition formulations

After years of rigorous research and numerous articles on the topic of black elderberry and its benefits, researchers are highlighting a little-known application for this ancient fruit namely, sports nutrition. It stands to reason, considering that black elderberry contains one of the highest densities of polyphenols in the plant world. …

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Flavonoids show benefits against flu infections especially when a specific gut bacterium is present

Researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis have concluded from an animal study published in Science, that a specific microbe found in the gut may protect consumers of flavonoid-rich foods against flus. The protection from flu was found to be the result of a metabolite produced in …

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What´s hot at the Vitafoods trade fair 2017 in Geneva?

The Vitafoods trade fair in Geneva has traditionally been a meeting place of the leading companies in the nutraceuticals world. 2017 is no different. From Italian red fruit processor and supplier of standardized polyphenol-rich ingredients, Iprona AG, to Naturex, to DSM and DuPont the list of companies spear-heading the new health …


Nitric oxide boost with beetroot may have anti-ageing effects on the brain

Beetroot supplementation has been shown in a new study to benefit brain health, particularly when combined with exercise. Due to its high nitrate content, beetroot is known to boost nitric oxide production in blood vessels. This is due to the nitrates being converted to nitrites and then to nitric oxide. This …

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Reuters Reports on Elderberry Study: Unique Elderberry Formula Protects Air Travellers From Colds

Unique Elderberry Formula Protects Air Travellers From Colds LANA, ITALY–(Marketwired – July 27, 2015) – Results of a large, human clinical trial reveal that a proprietary elderberry formula can provide protection to air travellers from colds as well as stabilize overall health during long-haul flights. A standardized membrane enriched elderberry …

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blogs.naturalnews: Boost Your Immunity Naturally — with Elderberry

  By Carl Thompson Keywords: BerryPharma, boost immune system, Elderberry, Healthy Living Battling a serious disease, such as cancer, is sometimes a matter of weighing the odds: potent, life-saving treatments may come with their own set of risks and side effects. A bout of chemotherapy or radiation may leave the …