The Many Health Benefits of Elderberry

By Maureen Sangiorgio Thousands of years ago, in ancient Greece, Hippocrates would gather elderberries, crush them, and apply the poultice to treat wounds. Elderberries were so widely used across Europe for their health-promoting properties that the “father of medicine” himself referred to them as his “medicine chest.” If he only …

Elderberry human trial: Ifographic representation shows that eIprona AG´s elderberry formula protects from colds
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Elderberry Long Haul Flight Study – Post Study Evaluation

By Anthony Jacobs, Marketing Director of BerryPharma® Was it worth conducting the largest and longest participant study quantifying the relief from upper respiratory infections recorded with elderberry supplementation?   YES! STUDY BACKGROUND “A standardized membrane enriched elderberry formula made from the Haschberg variety and produced by Italian company Iprona AG using a unique proprietary process, was the focus …

Elderberry, anti-oxidants
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Reuters Reports on Elderberry Study: Unique Elderberry Formula Protects Air Travellers From Colds

Unique Elderberry Formula Protects Air Travellers From Colds LANA, ITALY–(Marketwired – July 27, 2015) – Results of a large, human clinical trial reveal that a proprietary elderberry formula can provide protection to air travellers from colds as well as stabilize overall health during long-haul flights. A standardized membrane enriched elderberry …