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Top 5 Recent Studies and Reviews on Berries and Flavonoids

Need another pair of eyes to find the most recent studies and reviews on berries and flavonoids? The Berry Room will highlight newly published research. You are also invited to send reviews of new studies for our product development readers. Here are my top 5 picks for the most interesting …

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With Elderberry’s Promise in Improving Bone Density, Diabetics Have One Less Risk to Worry About

By Carl Thompson There are some 29 million people with diabetes in the U.S. Managing the disease is a perpetual balancing act that often includes eating right, monitoring blood sugar levels, and learning how to inject — or ingest — just the right amount of insulin. Diabetes can also cause a number of …

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blogs.naturalnews: Boost Your Immunity Naturally — with Elderberry

  By Carl Thompson Keywords: BerryPharma, boost immune system, Elderberry, Healthy Living Battling a serious disease, such as cancer, is sometimes a matter of weighing the odds: potent, life-saving treatments may come with their own set of risks and side effects. A bout of chemotherapy or radiation may leave the …

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Elderberry and Echinacea: Double the Healing Power

  Take two natural remedies — elderberry and Echinacea — both of which have proven healing abilities, join them together, and the result is a powerful therapeutic combination. That’s the conclusion of a new study conducted in the Czech Republic. It’s positive news for those seeking natural, safe remedies for …