Polyphenol used to create nano scale LEGO-like building blocks

Polyphenols used to build nana LEGO block

Tiny particles transformed into “LEGO- like” modular building blocks. Credit: University of Melbourne

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have published a paper in Nature Nanotechnology detailing how they transformed tiny particles into LEGO-like building blocks using nano scale engineering.


Seeking to replicate the LEGO studs which ensure that the building blocks stick together, the researchers first coated the nano objetcs with a polyphenol, which is a universally adhesive material.

This enables complex architectures to be assembled with the blocks. According to the paper, different materials can be assembled using this polyphenol coating approach.

Possible applications for this nano scale technology include drug delivery, chemical sensing and energy storage.

Reference: doi:10.1038/nnano.2016.172


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