ParentingPA.com : Elderberry: a Natural, Preemptive Strike Against Colds and Flu

By Carl Thompson

With cold and flu season on the horizon, we may have a natural way to stop them before they start. Recent studies show that Elderberry’s ability to reduce the duration and severity of colds and Elderberry vs Flu virusinfluenza may be even more powerful than once thought.

Now we’re also finding out that elderberry may prevent our getting infected with the cold or flu in the first place. 

A recent paper presented at the 21st Annual Integrative Medicine Conference is pointing in that direction. A research team in Brisbane, Australia found that by taking doses of elderberry extract while in the presence of colds and influenza, we may cut our risk of infection in half. 

The study investigated the potential of elderberry for keeping air travelers safe from illness, and focused on 312 subjects. All were economy class passengers, flying from Australia to an overseas destination. While 154 of the test subjects received a placebo, the remaining 158 were given a membrane-filtered elderberry extract made from the Haschberg variety of the European black elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.), a proprietary formula created by Iprona AG, an Italian company. Cold episodes, cold duration and symptoms were recorded in a daily diary, and all the participants completed surveys before, during and after travel.

As the study ’s lead author, Associate Professor Evelin Tiralongo, of Griffith University, noted, those in the elderberry group experienced half the rate of cold and influenza infection as did the placebo group. Symptoms among the elderberry participants were not only less severe, the illness only lasted two thirds as long as it did for the placebo participants.

Read the full article HERE.


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