Nitric Oxide Enhancing Products are Popular in Europe

Sports nutrition products which enhance nitric oxide production are included in the second largest class of sport products, ‘non-protein products’, after protein powders in the European market.

Beetroot has been very popular within the nitric oxide sector, but a new rival may be coming up : Elderberry.

Initial research is showing significant nitric oxide enhacement by elderberry. Unlike beetroot which enhances nitric oxide production due to its high nitrate content, eldeberry does so by activating the endogenous production through the amino acid L-arginin.

Further research with elderbery is currently taking place in the UK to further validate its effects on exercising human subjects.

The UK continues to dominate the European sports nutrition market (€743m) followed by the whole of eastern Europe (€255m), then  Germany (€219m), Italy (€142m), Sweden (€137m) and France (€110m).

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