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Leading health and performance innovators include Haschberg black elderberry in their sports nutrition formulations

After years of rigorous research and numerous articles on the topic of black elderberry and its benefits, researchers are highlighting a little-known application for this ancient fruit namely, sports nutrition.

It stands to reason, considering that black elderberry contains one of the highest densities of polyphenols in the plant world.

Polyphenols have been lauded for their excellent benefits to heart health, the immune system, brain health, eye health, digestive health and respiratory health. Research also points to polyphenols having a positive effect on blood sugar.

Adding elderberry polyphenols in pre- or post-workout formulations for acute benefits is becoming a logical conclusion, backed by scientific evidence.

This is the case with an innovative product called TensLess® from Fytexia. This post-workout formulation aims to improve recovery. With Haschberg black elderberry as one of its main ingredients, the formulators ensure a multitude of health-benefits to athletes.

Other innovators are making use of elderberries ability to stimulate endogenous production of nitric oxide to include the ingredient in pre-workout formulations. Nitric oxide is a very important signalling molecule. Nitric oxide in blood vessels leads to relaxation of the smooth muscles which line the walls of the blood vessels. This relaxation causes the blood vessels to expand, thereby allowing more blood to flow through. For athletes, this would mean more blood flowing to the muscles, which will translate to better endurance and athletic performance.

Indeed a recent human study carried out at the University of Derby in England showed immense physiological changes due to consumption of Haschberg black elderberry. The researchers presented their findings at the Vitafoods exhibition in 2017. Among the benefits observed by researchers were:

  • Significant reduction of systolic blood pressure during submaximal exercise
  • Reduction of heart rate during submaximal exercise
  • Benefits in endurance capacity

Read more about that study HERE

We advise formulators to consider two main  things when shoping for the right elderberry ingredient to include in their formulation:

  • Potency of the source material and
  • Method used to extract the active ingredients.

A particularly high source of polyphenols like Haschberg black elderberry is worth looking at, as this is the most potent black elderberry variety. It is grown by over 800 farmers in the Styria region of Austria where the ground is very rich in Magnesium. This region has specialized in this black elderberry variety guaranteeing adequate supply.

Ensuring that the fruit matrix is maintained as closely as possible during extraction is also of paramount importance. Only few companies in the world master this art, with the membrane ultrafiltration technology from Iprona AG being the most commercially successful. This mechanical extraction method uses semipermeable membranes to separate the fruit components by size and polarity. By avoiding chemical extraction solvents like ethanol as well as heat, degradation of the end product is minimized.

You can read more about the membrane ultrafiltration technology HERE

In conclusion, formulating with black elderberry is a logical conclusion for formulators who chose to follow the scienctific evidence.

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