Enhancing athletic performance with Haschberg black elderberry polyphenols

4X3_HYDRA4G0_Ver2_11Sept2017 The optimal formula for a healthy sports nutrition product is a widely debated topic among researchers.

Ideally, a good sports product should have the following characteristics:

  1. Contain natural, active compounds as opposed to synthetic

  2. Offer a competitive advantage and

  3. Have no side effects

This sounds easy enough. But surprisingly, many products on the market miss the mark entirely. Some have side effects of which many consumers are not even aware, while other improve athletic performance through artificial chemicals that can´t be deemed healthy by even the most generous standards.

Healthy living is a defining word for many modern sports enthusiasts, and countless channe

ls on social media offer advice on how to best achieve this. However, one observable trend in healthy sports nutrition is the move towards botanical products or those that incorporate botanical components.

Beetroot has been the most popular botanical ingredient for sports products due to its ability to enhance the production of nitric oxide, a signal molecule which expands blood vessels, delivers more blood to muscles and hence enhance exercise performance. Beetroot does this due to its high content in nitrates.

But the science community has recently been highlighting another group of compounds that can also enhance exercise performance namely, polyphenols. Polyphenols are not only excellent antioxidants, but can also enhance nitric oxide production by stimulating an enzyme in blood vessels. The effect of this is similar to beetroot, and may be even much stronger.

In this regard, Haschberg black elderberry has emerged as the leading polyphenol ingredient for sports performance. It contains one of the highest densities of polyphenols in the plant world and has shown benefits in studies that investigated its inflence on sports physiology.

A 2016 research done with elderberry and human subjects at the Derby University was presented at the 2017 Vitafoods trade fair in Geneva. The results showed a significant enhancement of nitric oxide by over 126%, reduction of blood pressure and heart rate after exercise.  All pointing to ergogenic benefits from Haschberg black elderberry consumption.The UK-based company XYNRGIEsport™ is spearheading a new era of healthy and effective sports products containing Haschberg black elderberry as one of the main ingredients.

One line of products is being launched under the name Hydra4Go. These products promise significant benefits when used before and during high intensity exercise and endurance workouts.

Polyphenols are the future of sports nutrition, and much work is being done by manufacturers to educate consumers about their benefits.

For more information on XYNERGIEsport, see http://www.fsnmag.com/xynrgiesport-performance-nutrition-unveils-new-exciting-product-line-at-the-cycle-show-2017/

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