Elderberry’s Curative Properties

Relief from colds and influenza might be as simple and natural as taking an extract of the ripe fruit of the European elderberry tree (Sambucus nigra L.). Numerous studies, a sampling of which are described below, continue to demonstrate the curative properties of elderberry extract and its components. An extract made from the humble elderberry may hold promise as a safe, effective, and natural treatment for common illnesses caused by viruses and bacteria.

Elderberries have been used in folk medicine for thousands of years. For example, in 500 BCE the Greek physician Hippocrates wrote of the healing properties of the elderberry, which was so effective for so many maladies that he described it as his “medicine chest.” In 1651, apothecary and alchemist John French likewise praised the healing properties of elderberry in his seminal work The Art of Distillation.

More recent scientific inquiry has revisited the medicinal properties of the fruit of the elderberry tree, which was motivated initially by the search for alternatives to antibiotics after strains of bacteria began to become immune to the current families of antibiotics. A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that extracts of the fruit of the elderberry tree inhibit the reproduction of cold and influenza viruses and kill the bacteria that cause secondary infections.

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