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Elderberry Long Haul Flight Study – Post Study Evaluation

By Anthony Jacobs, Marketing Director of BerryPharma®

Was it worth conducting the largest and longest participant study quantifying the relief from upper respiratory infections recorded with elderberry supplementation?   YES!


A standardized membrane enriched elderberry formula made from the Haschberg variety and produced by Italian company Iprona AG using a unique proprietary process, was the focus of a two year randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. The study involved 312 economy class passengers traveling from Australia to an overseas destination, and was conducted by Associate Professor Evelin Tiralongo and Dr Shirley Wee of the School of Pharmacy, Griffith University, Australia.

Initial results reveal that the elderberry formula had beneficial effects for respiratory health. The findings were presented at the 21st Annual International Integrative Medicine Conference in Melbourne, Australia. A detailed research paper is due later in the year.”


Elderberry human trial: Ifographic representation shows that eIprona AG´s elderberry formula protects from colds

Elderberry Long Haul Flight Study


  1. Product Developers can show that the BerryPharma® branded and standardised elderberry extracts have scientific evidence supporting relief from upper respiratory infections. This gives commercial confidence to invest and launch our elderberry products.
  2. Marketers can use the scientific evidence to inform consumers about the health benefits from BerryPharma® Elderberry extracts.
  3. The PR from the study, which included Reuters, AAP, Yahoo, WSJ and 200 other media sources, lifted our Elderberry to first page  Google search. Our Info Graphics are now well featured in Google as above. Try googling for yourself  “elderberry air travellers”.  Companies launching our elderberry will know that consumers will find positive endorsement when they google and verify the product claims. 

In summary, after nearly three years of planning, finding funding and then waiting for the results, we now have a solid evidence based platform to move forwards.  As a result, we and our USA partner, Artemis International, are now busy working with more companies.

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    Oh man, I love elderberry! I wish we had it here. I’m so imspsered with you and your witchy magic and your energy (I hope the trunk show means you’re back in full swing) Would love to trade for some rosehip syrup. I hope we get to catch up soon. As usual I feel hopelessly behind in emails and such, but I have been thinking about my reading question. Have a happy trunk show and I’ll get to catching up on all your lovely posts. xoxo

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