Elderberry in top 5 most used dietary supplements, ABC report

According to the American Botanical Coulcil´s report on herbal dietary supplements, elderberry saw a huge leap in sales in 2015, with an increase of 27,33% compared to 2014 in the US. Elderberry also came in at position 5 of the 40 top selling herbal dietary supplements in 2015,  standing just behind aloe vera.

In total, sales of herbal dietary supplements in the US increased 7.5% in 2015 and consumers spent $6.92 billion on herbal supplements marking the 12th consecutive year of growth.

This certainly spells good news for our environment, as this would mean that less people fall sick and less people use antibiotics and other prescribed drugs which have been heavily misused in recent years.

Elderberry continues to shine in studies and consumers are once more placing their bets on this trusted traditional remedy against coughs, colds and flus, and for immune support.

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