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Battling a serious disease, such as cancer, is sometimes a matter of weighing the odds: potent, life-saving treatments may come with their own set of risks and side effects. A bout of chemotherapy or radiation may leave the body in a weakened state, with a compromised immune system. But natural supplements and health-giving extracts, such as those made with European Elderberry (Sambucus nigra), are giving new hope in the fight to return to health. Elderberry’s antibacterial and antiviral power may help shift the balance back to wellness faster, giving the immune system a much-needed boost against bacterial and viral infections.

A natural immune booster

Elderberry has long been known to posess healing and strengthening powers. Our modern ability to concentrate and standardize health-giving fruits into different forms is giving elderberry even greater effectiveness. Now researchers are finding that doses of concentrated elderberry extract may help return strength back to the immune system, and to overall health, as the body works to recover.

Scientists have discovered that concentrated elderberry extract not only counter both bacterial and viral infection, but also support overall health by reducing oxidative stress throughout the body. Natural plant pigments known as anthocyanins — powerful anti-oxidants found in abundance in dark-colored (and therefore heavily pigmented) elderberries — are among the active ingredients…

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