Ancient Elixirs For Modern Times

Ancient Elixirs For Modern Times

As we meet flu season head on, consider an ancient apothecary remedy – elderberry. By Ashleigh Sharman.

Coughs, sneezes and sniffles roam the streets and are coming right for your treatment room so it’s important to assist client health and wellbeing wherever possible.

Used since ancient Greece to help people recover from colds and influenza, the fruit of the European black elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) has held its place in folk medicine thanks to range of health benefits including alleviating symptoms of cold and flu and easing inflammation.

A foundation text of modern medical knowledge and wisdom surrounding the elderberry tree is The Anatomy of the Elder.

Written by German physician Martin Blochwich in 1629, the book was recently republished in English by BerryPharma, who produce elderberry extract.

“The Elderberry tree was an important part of everyday life … one of the most valuable sources for medicine cabinets,” writes Anthony Jacobs and Fedrik Stipps in the book’s introduction.

“Doctors, apothecaries and village herbalists used the flowers, berries, leaves, bark, twigs, stems and roots for all sorts of applications and treatments. They were made into ointments, tinctures, wines, vinegar, conserves, extracts, syrups, salts, spirits and oils.

“Preparations from the elder were used for the treatment of many diseases including smallpox, plague, herpes, poisoning, fever, coughs, colds and flu. Even ‘melancholy’ could be lifted with an early morning glass of elderberry wine.”

Read the full article by Ashleigh Sharman here.

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