Anatomia Sambuci – The Anatomy of the Elder

 reviews this great book on the Elder.

“First published in 1644 and reborn as a labour of love in 2010 by staff at BerryPharma over many months, the fascinating details of the use of the Elder or Elderberry tree as a physic for a raft of illnesses and conditions makes intriguing reading .

This ‘old English translation’ edition was discovered by staff researching the use of elderberries as a traditional remedy. They realised the historic significance of the work and undertook took the painstaking task of translating the work into modern English. The first edition was written in Latin in 1644, which was then transposed into English in 1651, by a Scottish Medical Army Officer. This most recent manuscript translation comes from the more recent 1677 English version” she writes.

Read her full review here: anatomia-sumbuci-the-anatomy-of-the-elder

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