Ageing Skin – Ancient Answers: SpaAndClinic reports on elderberries potential to improve skin health

Elderberry, used as a medicine and as a food for thousands of years, is one of the richest sources of plant pigments called anthocyanins, found to improve microcirculation to the skin.

This was confirmed by research published in the British Journal of Nutrition, which investigated how anthocyanins might benefit obese women by decreasing oxidation and inflammation and improving microcirculation.

The study found that there was a significant improvement of microcirculation of blood to the skin as a result of anthocyanin consumption. The improvement was greatest when the consumption of anthocyanins was combined with exercise.

This improvement in circulation, combined with the potent antioxidant action of elderberry anthocyanins, may slow the rate at which  skin ages (shown to slow the ageing process by reducing the level of oxygen free radicals in the body)………….

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