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A Standardized Nerina Extract with IPRONA AGs unique, innovative membrane filtration technology

Rather than using alcohol and other chemicals for its extraction process, Iprona uses a unique membrane technology thereby avoiding degradation and contamination of its products.

This purely mechanical separation process enables the separation of substances according to their different molecular sizes by semipermeable membranes.

By using special separation membranes, Iprona can separate smaller molecules from bigger molecules. The different consistency of the several membranes allow a separation of molecules by size and – regarding configuration and polarity – gives Iprona the possibility to create a mix either with the smaller or with the bigger molecules.

Using this unique membrane filtration technology, IPRONA AG has produced a standardized extract from the Nerina strawberry which even further amplifies the difference in polyphenol content. Available as a soluble powder as well as in liquid form, this new product offers a very useful ingredient for developers and formulators of functional food products. The possibilities are endless, ranging from smoothies, ice-creams, beverages, to food recipes, yogurts and so on.

Analysis Results of Nerina powdered extracts compared with regular strawberry extracts.

Mixed varieties Nerina
Anthocyanins (as Cya-3-glu, pH Diff) 0,6g/kg  10,6g/kg
Polyphenols (as Catechin, Folin Ciocalteau) 11,5g/kg 70g/kg 


Nerina Infographic 2 Visit Ipronas Website for more Information on their Filtration Technology.

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