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7000-man strong survey: The top health concerns for people in Europe, Middle East and Africa

A 7000-man strong survey conducted by DSM has revealed vital information for manufacturers and profesionals in the health industry.

The survery included people from Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Spain, Egypt, the UK and South Africa. Results reveal that in most of the countries, weight was the top health concern. The majority of people however  sought to manage and maintain their weight through healthier nutrition and exercise, rather than through supplements.

Not suprising at all was the fact that the most used supplements across all ages and countries was for immune support and management of colds. This data is supported by other suveys that reveal immune health and protection against diseases, especially colds, as one of the most important concerns for consumers.

This would explain why a recent study which showed that black elderberry offers benefits against colds, has garnerd much attention. In that study publushed in Nutrients, black elderberry was shown to significantly reduce the duration of colds and the severity of cold symptoms. Black elderberry was also shown to stabilize the health of air travellers. The study included 312 long haul flight passengers who were travelling from Australia to an overseas destination with a minimum of 7 hours flight time. You can download the full publication here: www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/8/4/182

In the DSM survey, supplements for immune support and protection from colds were closely followed by supplements for bone and joint health for participants above 51 years, and by supplements for skin health for those between 18-30years.

Eye health emerged as one of the top health concerns for the Eastern European countries Poland and Russia. This was observed in none of the other countries involved in the survey.

For more information on the DSM survery, visit: www.nutraingredients.com/Markets-and-Trends/7000-strong-DSM-survey-reveals-top-consumer-health-concerns 



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