Enhancing athletic performance with Haschberg black elderberry polyphenols

4X3_HYDRA4G0_Ver2_11Sept2017 The optimal formula for a healthy sports nutrition product is a widely debated topic among researchers. Ideally, a good sports product should have the following characteristics: Contain natural, active compounds as opposed to synthetic Offer a competitive advantage and Have no side effects This sounds easy enough. But surprisingly, …

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Black Nerina strawberry makes a splash at Hi Japan trade fair

As the Health Ingredients Japan (Hi Japan) trade fair proceeds, visitors are introduced to the best the world has to offer in healthy nutritional ingredients and finished products. The show which started on the 4th and runs till the 6th of October 2017,  happens to highlight one of the most …

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Leading health and performance innovators include Haschberg black elderberry in their sports nutrition formulations

After years of rigorous research and numerous articles on the topic of black elderberry and its benefits, researchers are highlighting a little-known application for this ancient fruit namely, sports nutrition. It stands to reason, considering that black elderberry contains one of the highest densities of polyphenols in the plant world. …