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Eating at the wrong time of day affects body weight

We all know that the key to weight management and health is eating the right kinds and amounts of foods, and exercising regularly. Results from a recently published study however, show that the time at which we consume our meals is also very important to gaining or losing weight. In …

Haschberg Black elderberry

Artemis International highlights black elderberry for immunity in press release

NEW: Black Elderberry Means Immunity FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Pamela B. Stewart Essenza Communications, Inc. 303.570.1678 MOVE OVER VITAMIN C, ONGOING RESEARCH POINTS TO BLACK ELDERBERRY AS IMMUNE SUPPORT POWERHOUSE  Berryceuticals™ supplier Artemis International focuses on increasing the awareness of European Black Elderberry for Immune Health as well as Colds and Flu (Ft. …