Haschberg Elderberry

New in vitro research: Elderberry agglutinin binds to sialic acid structures on ovarian cancer cells reducing their growth

A protein from elderberries called Sambucus nigra agglutinin (SNA) has been shown in a recent study to, selectively bind to, and cause the death of ovarian cancer cells. SNA, which we will also refer to as elderberry agglutinin, is a lectin, which means that it binds to certain sugars on …

Iprona Vitafoods 2017

What´s hot at the Vitafoods trade fair 2017 in Geneva?

The Vitafoods trade fair in Geneva has traditionally been a meeting place of the leading companies in the nutraceuticals world. 2017 is no different. From Italian red fruit processor and supplier of standardized polyphenol-rich ingredients, Iprona AG, to Naturex, to DSM and DuPont the list of companies spear-heading the new health …