Vegans need Vit B12 supplementation, says the German Nutrition Society

 The German Nutrition Society (DGE) has said in a position paper  that it is difficult or impossible to consume adequate amounts of Vit. B12 on a purely plant-based diet. The German government agrees with this position. Vit B12 is usually not present in plants.  It is naturally found in animal products, …

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Intake of berries and anthocyanins is associated with 15-18% reduction of type-2 diabetes risk

A review of meta-data from over 400,000 participants including 25,624 incidents of type-2 diabetes has revealed that intake of dietary anthocyanins is associated with a 15% reduction of Type-2 diabetes risk. Consumption of berries was asccociates with with an 18% reuction of type-2 diabetes risk. The study also revealed that …

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Eat and Run: 8 Tips on Eating for Fitness and Health

Beginning exerciser to triathlete, we know that exercise does us good. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends a fitness program combining cardio and strength training. But what you eat is just as important and how you work out: the right foods boost athletic performance, giving you more energy and helping …

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5 Things Manufacturers Should Know About Nerina Strawberries

In summertime, fresh fruit like strawberries take center stage. The more flavorful, the better. But consumers want more than flavor from their summer berries. They are more aware of food’s health-giving value than ever before, and they’re choosing the healthiest varieties they can find. Enter the antioxidant rich, delicious Nerina …