Haschberg Elderberry

HuffingtonPost: Antioxidant-Rich Elderberry Can Help with Weight Loss

By Carl Thompson Effective, safe weight loss is about more than dieting. It’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle: good nutrition and often, regular exercise. But sometimes the ability to stay active can be hampered by injuries or fatigue — and one of the main causes of such discomforts is inflammation. …

Elderberry Harvest

Ageing Skin – Ancient Answers: SpaAndClinic reports on elderberries potential to improve skin health

Elderberry, used as a medicine and as a food for thousands of years, is one of the richest sources of plant pigments called anthocyanins, found to improve microcirculation to the skin. This was confirmed by research published in the British Journal of Nutrition, which investigated how anthocyanins might benefit obese …

Elderberry human trial: Ifographic representation shows that eIprona AG´s elderberry formula protects from colds
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Elderberry Long Haul Flight Study – Post Study Evaluation

By Anthony Jacobs, Marketing Director of BerryPharma® Was it worth conducting the largest and longest participant study quantifying the relief from upper respiratory infections recorded with elderberry supplementation?   YES! STUDY BACKGROUND “A standardized membrane enriched elderberry formula made from the Haschberg variety and produced by Italian company Iprona AG using a unique proprietary process, was the focus …

Food synergy
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Reasons Why You Should Choose Membrane Extraction over Solvent Extraction for fruits and Medicinal Plants

Benefits of Mechanical Membrane vs. Solvent chemical Extraction Fresh fruits contain a broad range of healthy micro and macronutrients. A good extraction process concentrates the phytonutrients from the fruit matrix. The membrane extraction process is best suited for this application. Not just the botanical variety but also the extraction technologies …