News reports on the Nerina Strawberry

Nerina Strawberries: A New Superfruit As we continue to discover more about the amazing health benefits of natural ingredients, and the power of modifying our diet for our well-being, fruit — especially red berries — have long been the focus of study. Strawberries are now ranked among the top 50 …


The Nerina Strawberry featured on

New processing berry offers extra health benefits There’s a new berry on the block this strawberry season, with extra health benefits. This unique dark, almost black strawberry called Nerina is packed with health-giving anti-oxidants in form of polyphenols and vitamins. However Britons will not find it in punnets but in …

European elderberry (Sambucus nigra L.) and dwarf elderberry (Sambucus ebulus L.) have a wide range of health benefits

Safely identifying the elder tree and elderberries in the wild

Every now and again, people make deadly errors while trying to identify edible from poisonous berries. Identifying the black elderberry in the wild may present some people with a very difficult choice, due to  a few other plants and berries that look somewhat similar to the elder. Among these are: …